Leslie Jordan thought Max Greenfield might be gay when the pair first met on the set of Will & Grace in 2007.

Greenfield played hot power gay, Eli Wolf who offered his business to Grace in return for her setting him up with Will.

While on the Ellen Show recently, Greenfield asked Jordan what he thought of him when they first met.

“Oh, I thought you might be gay,” Jordan excitedly responded. “But then again, that’s my thought whenever I meet anybody.”

“You’re not the only one,” Greenfield replied, before showing off a flyer for a gay event that was posted around West Hollywood. On it was a shirtless Greenfield with the words ‘BIG GAY PARTY’ (well it’s to the point) and ‘Bangsgiving’ at the bottom.

Bangsgiving was one of the episode titles from New Girl, “little did I know, that one day it would result in me promoting a big gay party in West Hollywood, bringing everyone together…” Max joked.

“I wanna go to that party!” added Leslie. Well, if Max Greenfield is there, then hell yeah.