In a move that nobody (we know) asked for, a sex doll company OnlyDolls is monopolizing off the rise of OnlyFans by creating dolls that are intended to “look like” adult performers on the platform.

The most notable star thus far to have their body, cock and hole moulded into a life-size silicone doll is Matthew Camp. Camp shared the “exact 3d scan replica” (we’re presuming that’s from the neck down) to his fans on Instagram.

You’ll already know that we’re huge fans of Camp, and as much as we’d love to get him alone with his clothes off, we think sex dolls need a bit of progressing before we’re on board.

The female ones always look a it better and it’s not just because they always put an Ellen wig on the male ones. Matt’s one – which costs just short of $4000 – does have real hair, and for that much, hopefully does the washing up too.

Online sex worker Steven Barrett also had his done. Dead ringer, no?

Would you buy a sex doll of your favourite performer?