David Beckham bared his buns for his wife, and Victoria bared them on the ‘gram. Aptly commenting “you’re welcome”.

Troye Sivan revealed the artwork for his single Angel Baby, which he called a “surprise gushy juicy doting adoring power b^tt^m gay ballad.”

KJ Apa demonstrated how his team have actually snagged themselves one of the best jobs in the world; slather Apa’s ripped body with make-up.

Gus Kenworthy made an impressive leap:

Michael Yeger: The reality star and social media personality gave us a GOOD look at. See MORE models with their junk out.


Tom Daley hit the sauna. Sadly, it was for an editorial, not down Pleasuredrome where you could’ve had a drool.

Stephen Bear showed off how he fucks in the back seat.

Jwan Yosef wore a wetsuit for his first time surfing, also on his 37th birthday. Though, if you’re married to Ricky Martin we can think of something else to ride apart from waves.