It happens on a daily basis. You’re chatting with a guy, things start getting a little heated, you might ask something kinky like “how are you today?” and BAM, he hits you with a dick pic. But this isn’t just your bog-standard, bad lighting dick pic. This is a pic where his genitalia is wedged up against a can of Dr Pepper cause, you know, proportions. They ain’t playing with no flattering angles, just lots of household items…

We’re sure the main reason behind it, is simply convenience (for example, most guys probably have these items closer to hand than a ruler or tape measure), but we reckon it also has more of an impact; numbers – inches and cm – are so logical and unemotive; think of all the times you were gushing over a bloke’s manhood, guarantee you’ve said “it was like a beer can!” more times than you’ve said “it was like a 5-inch girth!” – because literally, who even knows what that is?

There’s also the psychological aspect behind it; being that most of the items being used are things that we have in our hands a lot; toothpaste, the TV remote, a hairbrush, a deodorant can, and *gulp* a bottle of wine – and so by subconsciously knowing how big these items feel in our hands, we automatically associate the genitalia at hand with it; we also have a far better guestimate of the piece’s actual size, as opposed to real-life measurements.

WATCH: Monster stroke

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