Words: Ben Pulsford

If you’re a horny Type A gay planning your return trip to the US because you’ve boned the whole of your city while in “quarantine”, you might be interested to know in which city you’re more likely to get your dick wet. Officially. 

So here’s a few hot tips courtesy of LawnStarter; in fact, make those full schlongs. 

LawnStarter has managed to rank the “Horniest Cities in America” by comparing the 200 biggest cities based on nine key indicators of sexual arousal. Among the factors: the share of the single population, Google search interest in adult content, and sex-toy sales. They also surveyed nearly 800 American adults to gauge libido levels during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

So yes, after a quick gander at their figures, it’s safe to say that some American cities are somewhat hornier than others. 

Unsurprisingly, Paradise City, Nevada (Las Vegas) comes out on top. So despite being a gambling haven, one thing appears pretty certain – your slot machine is likely to win big in the dick department should you choose to visit Sin City.

Coming in second place for its horniness was Orange County in California (insert ripe fruit joke here) and then Hollywood, California. The top ten is as follows: 

Top 10 Horniest Cities:

1 Paradise, NV

2 Orange, CA

3 Hollywood, FL

4 Providence, RI

5 Atlanta, GA

6 Fort Lauderdale, FL

7 Newark, NJ

8 Dayton, OH

9 Tempe, AZ

10 Baltimore, MD

If you jet-setting hornbags want to know where to avoid when the borders open, on the other end of the sexy spectrum is Texas – home to seven of the least horniest cities in the country. Those cities include Plano at number 194, Frisco at an significantly unfrisky 199, and Midland at number 200.

So, yeah – although everything might be bigger in Texas, it’s worth noting that doesn’t apply to its libido.