A 15-year-old boy from Spain was expelled from his school and sent to a psychologist for wearing a skirt to school last October. Since then, students and male teachers from across Spain have been going into school in skirts as a sign of solidarity. 

Thankfully, in 2020, most of the reactions to boys in skirts is:

Hannah's Guide to Fall Fashion – HANNAH'S* GUIDE TO ADULTING

Sadly it appears we haven’t left narrow-minded, fascist schools in the past quite yet. When 15-year-old Mikel Góme rocked up to their school with one piece of fabric wrapped around his thighs instead of two – to challenge gender norms and support women’s liberation, we should add – the school essentially chucked him in the chokey. 

In a now-viral TikTok video, Mikel explained why they wore a skirt to school – despite being outwardly male-presenting. After seeing the video, a maths teacher from the same school named Jose Piñas starting coming into work wearing a skirt to show his solidarity with Mikel. This then sparked a movement – aptly called ‘Clothes Have No Gender’ (#laropanotienegenero) – with teachers and students all over Spain showing up to school in skirts. 

It’s fucking hot (however you read that, that’s what we meant). Wear a skirt. All of you.