KAPOW Meggings provide a style for every type of gay on the scene. You’ve got interstellar meggings for the horoscope/astrology queen, party meggings for the hot mess, and cobra design for the snakey bitches.

Oh, and they’ve got multi-coloured designs to suit our multiple personalities.

And they’re truly wearable at a range of occasions: from fitness, to festivals. Forget being nude painted for six hours before Pride – just whack on a pair of KAPOW Meggings which leave nothing to the imagination. (While still bulging and lifting in all the right places). It’s sartorial sorcery we tell you, and we’ve already cleared out an old draw of jocks to make room for a bulk buy.

KAPOW men’s leggings are designed by guys who know how risk takers and rule breakers (who me?) want to look; with more room in the waist, high-stretch fabrics, and a contoured fit to ensure you don’t have to spend the summer in the gym just to wear them. 

They also have the Supreme range (“I’m the fucking Supreme!”) which offers customers a sleeker look, with pockets, UV resistance and four-way stretch. How did they know we like four-ways?

And it’s not just meggings they make, Aussie creators Ben and Jordan have injected their creativity into compression shorts, speedos and underwear too.

So you’re sorted for circuit parties, pool parties, and basically anywhere you want to be gay and noticed.

Kapow is freqeuntly spotted on BASE jumpers, body builders, yogis, acrobats, models, performers, athletes and everyday heroes in over 50 different countries.

In fact, plenty of the men we frequently thirst over here at Cocktails & Cocktalk have been pictured in the signature skin-tight meggings including Jared Leto, Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo and Idris Elba. 

There are 50 different styles on offer right now, so in the name of leg day go and check out their website

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