I’VE started an affair with a male colleague and I didn’t even know I was gay until we started our fling.

I’m in a relationship with a 37-year-old woman, but now I want to be with him permanently. I’m a man of 39 and I’ve been with my partner for eight years.

I got a new job five years ago at a timber yard and hit it off with this bloke who worked there. He’s 35 and is also living with his girlfriend.

Our connection was instant, but not in any sexual way, we used to have a laugh going out on deliveries and I enjoyed work. We went out as a foursome sometimes, but one evening I went for drinks in a pub near his home while his girlfriend was visiting family.

We played snooker for hours and got completely smashed. We went back to his place and I was about to bed down on his sofa when he suggested I get into his bed instead. I didn’t see any harm in it and was too drunk to care.

In the early hours I woke up to feel my colleague stroking my legs and trying to kiss me. It felt good, but then I came to my senses and knew it was him – but I didn’t want it to stop. We ended up exploring each other’s bodies and then had sex.

Neither of us had had a gay relationship before, but the sex was so incredible, I struggle to think about anything else. Work was closed during the first lockdown and it was torture not seeing him, but we’ve opened the depot again now. We are always trying to make deliveries in the same area so we can sneak off to a lay-by.

We don’t want to hurt our partners, but how can we tell them our relationships are over and we’d like to live happily as a gay couple?

Dear Timber,

This is actually a really cute love story! Although not for your girlfriends, obvs.

It’s sweet to hear how into each other you are, and clearly the yard wasn’t the only thing filled with wood. But don’t be a plank and throw away an 8-year relationship for the first cock you come across.

A question to ask yourself: was I happy before? Like, truly happy? Or had you settled?

If the answer is no, which, presuming your wife doesn’t have a hairy cock she bums you with, it is… Then you can probably leave that relationship behind without regret.

You know what they say… it always starts with a game of pool, just make sure you’re not the one who gets snookered. And while I’m sure it’s fun chalking each other’s cues, love isn’t a game you play down the pub.

Every relationship has a honeymoon period which can lose its enamour, but seen as you’ve known him for five years already, chances are you know most of his personality.

Though, out of respect for your beard it’s probably best to tell her before you “share each other’s bodies” again. (Btw, what a creative way of saying you’re the bottom).

I’d be delicate in explaining it to Grace. Emphasise that it’s not her or anything she did but that you’ve uncovered an attraction/part of yourself which you were unaware of before. Then say, “TBF, 6 pints and I’m anyone’s” and punch her on the shoulder. That’s universal code for ‘pack your bags, bitch’.

Also, you both work on a timber yard you say? Could you send some pics.

Good luck