A licensed therapist has caused a stir on TikTok where he claimed that men can have sex with men and still be straight.

So we can still eat bacon and be vegan? Well, not quite…

Dr Joe Kort who has a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology, tells his TikTok followers “when straight men have sex with men, it’s not a gay thing, it’s a guy thing.”

He continues to explain how sex men is more “transactional” than when it involves females.

“So, when men have objectified sex where it’s just about the act, it’s just about getting off, people ‘man shame’ him.”


When #straight #men sleep with men it’s a #gay thing not a guy thing. #lgbtq #sexuality #sexualfluidity

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Kort – who is gay himself – says, “When straight men have sex with men, they’re still straight, it doesn’t erase heterosexuality any more than when gay men have sex with women. They’re still gay. It doesn’t erase their homosexuality.”

We can see his point, in that your sexual actions are not always reflective of your identity, but the big difference here is that most gay men have sex with women because of homosexual stigma. What would be a straight man’s reason to repeatedly have sex with men, unless he enjoyed it? Or – of course – he’s just running from the huge trauma of being heterosexual.

While we certainly believe ‘straight’ men can engage in sexual acts with other men for the sake of an orgasm, we think sexual fluidity is the best description for a scale that every one of us sits on to different degrees.

The viral video has triggered a number of people; some calling for the revoke of his license (easy now), and other whom agree.

The concept was originally a viral topic of debate when the term bro-jobs hit the web.

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