OnlyFans have placed a ban on outdoor sex, but clearly are still very much into having a stick up their arse.

It’s been reported that the content-sharing platform quietly updated their terms and conditions in mid-Feb, adding public sex to the prohibited content list.

Content that “was recorded in or is being broadcast from a public place where members of the public are reasonably likely to see the activities being illustrated” is now banned.

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The vanilla thrill of ‘outdoors’ lands itself with much more serious violations like incest, bestiality and necrophilia. Also on the no-go list is golden showers. What’s next? Not allowed to shove cucumbers up your hole, either?

It should be noted that public videos – on trains, in parks, and public toilets – is a niche that is extremely popular among amateur content creators. Leaving many in dismay as to how they’ll continue to earn as much as they do.

One creator Aspen Eden, told Vice, that one of her videos was removed for violating their new T&Cs.

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“None of my content was ever made in a public area with people around or the chance of people walking up. No parking lots, busy streets or public parks.”

Creators must now prove that they own the land the content is being filmed on have the owner’s permission.

“Dear Sainsbury’s… please may we use your car park for a 5-minute cream pie scene? We have been in and bought chewing gum so are paying customers…”