Europe adapts a lot of our reality shows for their own nations, although they usually come with a far more relaxed nudity clause.

We’ve seen even more raunchy versions of Ex On The Beach from Norway, guys shooting their load on Eden Hotel, and full sex on Vilo Vilag. So actually naked attraction is somehow, the more tame one!

Most of you will be familiar with the concept, which sees six guys or girls stand naked in a pod, while their “chooser” eliminates one each round based on a body part they don’t find attractive. (Sounds brutal? Don’t worry, it’s all done in a very fake and overly nice way to preserve what’s left of their self-esteem).

But doesn’t look like any of these contestants have anything to worry about. And these are just the hotties from the series promo…

PLAY: QUIZ: Left or Right? [Naked Attraction Edition]

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