Words: Anthony Gilét

David Bridle – editor of crap rag Boyz magazine – has done an interview with Spiked magazine to moan about how he was the victim of a witch-hunt after he purposely promoted the LGB alliance, which is a known anti-trans group.

Bridle alleges he’s being “punished by the ‘progressive’ establishment merely for debating trans issues.”

Clearly, missing the point: trans issues are not up for debate.

In fact, maybe his attitude would change if we were to tell him that he’s not being punished, but rather, we’re “merely debating” the magazine’s relevance in 2021.

You can’t just “debate” people’s human rights/existence and not expect them to get offended.

David Bridle: Banning poppers will harm the Conservatives' improved  relationship with the gay community | Conservative Home

He then went on to moan about Terrance Higgins Trust pulling their double-page ad to a “55,000 strong readership” for HIV testing week. Although, how is it 55,000 readers strong if all the gay bars you distribute via are closed?

Honestly, somebody donate this man a brain.

He adds that the LGB alliance: “believes in biological sex rather than gender-based public policy” (a roundabout way of saying “trans erasure”), continuing, “but for the purposes of community debate, why not hear it out?”

Erm, because trans people are being murdered at astonishing rates? And these “discussions” only further make room for the acceptance of transphobia?

He goes on to lambast THT for their decision to pull ads (though THT have said, as mentioned, the ads are ‘pointless’ without readers) over HIV testing week calling it a “scary” time for “our community”.

He must mean the LGB community because the stark irony here is that he’s outright offended anybody would ‘endanger’ the lives of gay men, when that’s exactly what he’s doing to the trans community.

No wonder his editor of trans affairs just quit.