Coming out as gay to your parents can be one thing, but to then come out as a sex worker, can be another hurdle.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case of Jack, who’s “proud” mum is going viral for her “supportive” attitude towards his career choice.

In fact, she even joked that in making her child’s sexual organs she’s ready to take her cut of the profits. “I made that D,” said the proud mom of the 19-year-old on the video. “I want a percentage.”

“Right, so mom, you know how I am a ‘special account?’” Cook asked his mother, adding “What are your thoughts about it? Are you proud of me?”

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“Of course, I’m proud” she responded, “I’m your number one fan,” before listing off all the material things she’s received from her son’s sexual exploits, including TVs and driving lessons.

Most tweeters responded positively noting that it was great to see such support from a mother.