Luke Evans has confirmed his split from his boyfriend Rafael Olarra in an interview with The Times, saying “It is what it is”.

Evans then took to his Instagram stories to vent his frustration at the media:

“Just to be very clear, no one, I repeat, no one, knows what is going on in my personal life apart from me”.

Adding, “Relationships are hard, breakups are hard and nothing is black and white”.

Well, apart from penguins.

He also told the newspaper that he’s considering becoming a father.

“I thought about [having kids] many times and as I get older I’m thinking maybe I should get on and do it. I don’t want to be an old dad… but I would like to be a dad,” he explained. ‘There’s a lot of satisfaction to passing on your experiences and rearing a strong open-minded, kind, respectful human being who can go out in the world and do something good.”