A gay dad who adopted a gay son when he was just 13 has been hailed as hero by the internet for giving his son honest sex advice.

The video was part of Cut’s ‘truth or dare’ game, (where the dare is taking a shot) and sees the father and son asking each other awkward questions until one ends up tipsy.

We’ve definitely seen dads and sons do stranger things in 2020, but you wouldn’t even find us playing this game with ours!

Craig admits that Austin – who reveals his mother was a drug addict – took a while to warm to him and his partner. “It took him a year and a half to even really talk to us”.

Austin opts to take a shot when asked what his position is in bed, but does detail the oldest partner he’s ever had.

“I think the oldest person I had sex with was in their 50s?”

“Was that for money?” Craig teases.

“Shut up! Well, let me tell you this 50-year-olds on the east coast really know how to take care of themselves”.

O the queerest things they’ve ever done, Austin reveals his dad as a former well-known drag queen and Craig outs his son for exposing his “butt flaps” on the ‘gram.

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“But I don’t think of you in those terms…I think of you as my kid who’s out there living his life, ” he added.

Giving his son sex advice, Craig advises: “Enjoy it. It’s not bad… It’s one of the most potent and beautiful things two people can ever share.”

“Well, sometimes it’s more than two,” Austin interjected, leaving his dad speechless.

And the comments flooded in to praise Craig’s parenting skills: