Ben Affleck sat down with comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen recently for Variety’s Actor on Actor; a concept where both parties interview each other; in this case, over Zoom.

But the conversation took a NSFW turn when Cohen asked about Affleck’s award-nominated full-frontal scene:

“So obviously, you’re a two-time Academy Award winner, a multiple Golden Globe winner, you were nominated for best depiction of nudity, sexuality or seduction by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists in Gone Girl. What did that mean to you?” Cohen asked.

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“Wow. Everyone dreams of that,” replied Affleck, with Cohen then following up and saying, “Were you furious when you didn’t win?”

Affleck then flipped the question asking, “Were you angry?… I mean you do so much frontal, you’ve been so naked, and yet you were overlooked.”

“Yeah, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists never saw what I saw in the mirror,” the Borat star said.

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Affleck then addressed Cohen’s previously censored peen and its suspicious length: “I noticed in the past, when you blacked-out your penis, it was 14 inches. Now, how close to the truth was that really?”

Cohen then changed the subject, quipping, “I feel like we’re veering away. Tell me about your Batman!”

All this talk! Let’s save some time by having you both thwap them out on the table. Watch the lengthy interview below: