With all the airbrushing, surgery and unfairly distributed hot DNA, it can be outright tiring seeing men with perfect bodies all the time.

So we’re welcoming The Naked Rugby Players: Unseen Bits 2021 calendar with open legs arms. Unlike their annual product

“It sadly turned out to be impossible to shoot 6 rugby teams during 2020 as the pandemic raged through our communities and everyone kept at social distances”, said principle photographer Monty McKinnen. “Despite this, we’ve rummaged through the thousands of images from our past shoots to bring fans of the calendar never before seen pictures, from 12 teams across the UK.” 

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Jake Hook is also launching a second calendar – Tackle – which sees the men around the UK pose individually, and aims to “celebrate everyday guys, their bodies and their masculinity, through photography”.

Tackle was shot over a 2-month period when lockdown restrictions eased, and both calendars contribute to the Balls to Cancer charity.

Want more rugby players naked? Head here, dahling