If you’re one of those gays that’s just not that into sports, we’re betting we can change your mind about a few seconds. Over the weekend, friends and I were having a conversation about sports. Not the most likely conversation at the brunch table, but here we were; all of the boys we had crushes on at school played some form of sport.

There’s something about guys who play sport, and its certainly not the smell they leave behind in the changing rooms. One friend recounts how he fooled around with the school’s right defender, while another confesses the closest he got to dick in school was watching the lycra-clad bulges during track and field.

In light of the memories, we’ve compiled a gallery of some of the rudest exposures in sports history.

While we continue to hope that one day, sports might be a world where homophobia is a distant memory, we’ll continue to appreciate it in all its homoerotic glory. Check out the full gallery here.

Check out the FULL gallery here