Teen Wolf star and recent OnlyFans sign-up Tyler Posey is getting honest about, well, getting honest.

The actor recently spoke candidly about his experiences with men, admitted on his account that he had “blown” a guy before, as well be being “fucked with a strap-on”.

Previously, Posey had said he “loved everybody”, implying that he’s pansexual. Talking to SiriusXM, he voiced exactly why he’s been more open…

“I woke up one morning and I saw all this stuff on Instagram about these transsexual women who were being beaten and harassed, and there were a bunch of people that were filming the whole entire interaction and laughing at them.

“There were like a whole group of people and that pissed me off so much. And I was just kind of shedding light on that, because I didn’t hear about it.”

“It was like a week — I was a week late on the whole entire thing, I think,” he continued. “So, I didn’t really know about it. And so I thought if I didn’t know, maybe other people didn’t know. So originally I was just shedding light on that, through whatever way that I could. And then, I was hit with wanting just to come out myself with that whole thing and be honest about it.”

Awww, love him any more? We do!