While it might seem like we have much bigger things to worry about than the number of followers on our social media (every year, that is, not just the pandemic one), many celebrities rely on their fanbase for successful careers.

According to GamblingDeals who assessed stats from Social Blade, Ellen DeGeneres take the biggest L with a loss of over 545,000 followers on Instagram and over 612,000 followers on Twitter. Experts estimate this as a potential loss of £1,706.69 per #sponsored post. Not that you ever seen Ellen flogging fake Rolex’s or CBD car fresheners.

Ellen has suffered an avalanche of bad press this year which is inexplicably to blame for the downfall in her following.

Make-up guru Jeffree Star was second-in-line for loss of Twitter followers (and third on Instagram) at 487,151. Star was embroiled in a number of dramas including allegedly “renting” his hot boyfriend, before he stole off Jeffree, and sexual misconduct.

Although, neither of these two is more deserving than third place… JK Rowling who lost 350,826 Twitter followers (the witch doesn’t use Instagram); at least Ellen did some good for our community before everyone realised she’s a mean girl.

Rowling as persistently expressed her views against trans people living with basic human rights.