Sixty is definitely still sexy as the results of a recent study revealed.

The experts at surveyed a group of OAPs to learn more about their sexual habits, and subsequently found that kinks like BDSM and group sex were favoured most by them.

We always knew Noris from post office was into ball-gagging orgies.

Looking specifically at over-60 stars, they discovered that Arnold Scwartznegger was the most-goggled name alongside the term “nude”.

Let us save you the hassle…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Nude at

God help the Gen-Z reading this with no idea who he is.

After finding the most Googled over-60 stars they quizzed 3,446 people on who they thought was the sexiest and the results are in!

Loveable Jeff Goldblum topped the poll, with Viggo Mortenson in second and Harrison Ford and Liam Nesson in joint-third. See the rest of the list below:

5 Tom Hanks 9% 

6 Richard Gere 7% 

7 Dolph Lundgren 6% 

8 Sean Connery 4% 

9 Sylvester Stallone 4% 

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger 3%