25 years after Clueless became a cult hit, introducing a slew of witty one-liners that the queer community have etched in their memories for life; the film’s protagonist Alicia Silverstone reflects on her favourite thing about the film: its gay following.

Speaking to Vogue in a retrospective, Silverstone said:

“I was really well-received by the gay community after Clueless came out,” Silverstone says of her success. “They’ve always been my people. I don’t know if it’s just this film or my vibe that’s endeared me to them, but that has always been my favorite aspect of the film. Particularly what it means to gay boys.”

The film also saw Cher with a gay BFF Christian, which later manifested in real-life too:

“Christian Siriano [of Project Runway fame] is like my real-life Christian,” she says. “Whenever we hang out he’s basically like my boyfriend. We love each other so much and I’m sure some of that stems from him really admiring Clueless and what Cher meant to him and all of his friends growing up.”

Well, we stan an ally. Hear that Stacey Dash?