We hate to celebrate in people’s misery, unless those people are transphobes, and then we’re ecstatic.

Stacey Dash – who played a lead in Clueless and then stopped working – is getting divorced from her fourth husband. Clearly, the men in her life can’t tolerate her ignorant bullshit either.

You may remember that Dash said trans people should “pee in the bushes” and that Obama was responsible for the massacre at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse. She also thinks Black History Month should be abolished and praising toxic masculinity. Back in 2016, Dash said that she fully supports Trump telling the Guardian “he’s representing the people that I want to represent” while in the same breath stating she wants radical change to a largely Latino and black district in LA.

And she thinks TRUMP Proving she does what she says on the tin… Clueless!

She also claims that because of her political stance, she’s been “blacklisted” from auditions. Isn’t that just devastating?

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In the words of Kim Woodburn, “Trash and scum, and I say that with no regret”.

Furthermore, in documents obtained by TMZ, Dash has no property that she can steal from the man, and her earnings are a mere $2500 a month. Which is a substantial drop from when she worked at FOX four years ago.

Dash announced the separation via her Instagram page saying that, “after much prayer” it still hadn’t worked out. Perhaps she should try praying for some human compassion instead.

Dash was arrested last September for reportedly slapping and hitting her husband after his daughter called her a “bitch”. And she was being polite!