We’ve told you before, and we’ll tell you again: the Logan brothers are trash. Human trash.

YouTuber Jake Paul has been filmed looting during the #BlackLivesMatter protests in Arizona, years after his brother was embroiled in controversy for filming the dead body of a suicide victim.

As protests took place across America to condemn the murder of George Floyd, Paul can be heard telling his friends “grab me a free cologne”. Or was that just a “joke “?

A number of videos portray Paul and his pals parading around a shopping mall in Scotsdale, AZ.


Paul has since denied he was looting – which isn’t explicitly seen in the videos – and instead said he was there peacefully protesting before documenting content for his YouTube channel. Which is ironic seeing as his friends were doing the looting.

And strangely, we’re yet to see any footage of the “peaceful protesting” or marching that they reportedly took part in, something you’d expect from a YouTuber that films every last second of their life.

IBT outlines that in the video one of his friends is seen stealing a bottle of vodka from a P.F Chang’s restaurant, and in later videos, Paul is seen holding the same bottle. Riot by proxy?

Jake Paul

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