Curious what the hunks of Disney would be doing if they were put on lockdown? Well, illustrator Tom Taylor has the answer – and seemingly, it’s just the same as the rest of us.

Prince Eric has wanked himself silly, Hercules completes his home workout in a jockstrap and Aladdin shaves his head. Prince Naveen soaks in a bubble bath with a glass of red and Tarzan is baking banana bread… all sounds familiar, right?

“My favourite is definitely Eric,” Taylor tells C&C, “I think he has been since I was a kid when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be him or marry him!”

There’s also logic in Taylor’s concepts: “When it came to them shaving their heads, I chose the ones I thought would look the hottest even though logistically it was a bit strange to figure out the shape of their heads, as their hair is such a big part of their identity I wasn’t sure if people would get it.

“Tarzan had to bake the banana bread because bananas would be readily available to him in the jungle [laughs]

As for his own ‘quaroutine’ Taylor isn’t exactly living it out like one of his Princes.

“I’ve been working out more than usual for sure, no jock though… yet. Unfortunately, I shaved my head way before lockdown so I’m taking this opportunity to grow it out and have an excuse to look rough while I do so! As for banana bread, that will be a cold day in hell… [laughs]

We didn’t ask about the aggressive masturbation…

“Let’s say that I’m keeping busy and drawing every day!” he tells C&C, “I’ve signed up to Patreon – somewhere to post NSFW art and people can pledge to see it – which is great as it’s given me a push to create content for it almost every night!”