This TikTok is going viral just in time to be crowned Video of the Year. In the clip, a son is chatting to his mother, while they both lay on separate sofas. Attempting to get his mum’s attention, the son tells her to pause her iPad.

“You know the guy I’m talking to is 6’4″, I can’t wait to get my sh*t wrecked”.

Without looking up from her iPad, Muvva responds, “So you are a bottom?”

Clearly a topic of discussion they’ve covered in the past.

Denying the claims, he replies. “I am not a bottom,”

To which his mother clap-backs, straight-faced, looking dead into the camera “Bullsh*t.

“Have you ever done anything for anybody else? No. You’re a taker.”

SCREAM. She is fully iconic. We stan a mother than can read on a multi-faceted level.