After British reality star, Lauren Harries dropped the bombshell that she believes she was drugged and coerced into her viral Instagram videos by friends, they’ve spoken out.

In the episode of Cocktails and Confessions, Lauren states that she was “hanging around the wrong people”, who she believes encouraged her to film bizarre Instagram videos, which sparked national concern, hinting that she may have been drugged.

Before stating “but I don’t hang around with them anymore…”

Harries also called out trans influencers Faye Dickinson and Cambell Kenneford, who were known to be friends with her when the videos began, for hacking her social media accounts, when her videos and ultimately account were deleted.

Since then, the pair have been outspoken about what really happened. In a private chat with C&C, Faye tells us that she and Cambell, who were helping manage Lauren’s social media at the time – which they say was a mixture of “our ideas and her ideas” – say that they handed her social media back over in May, and so would have had no access to her accounts. “We were trying to help her. And she was doing really well with [the videos], she was becoming relevant again”.

But Faye claims the pair “never ever” gave Harries drugs, but that Harries did have a problem with them. Adding that Lauren continued to make similar videos even after they’d stopped speaking, “so were her new management drugging her too, then?” Dickinson remarks, “it just doesn’t add up.

“She’s a pathological liar”.

Dickinson also claims that Harries regularly said she was raped after willingly sleeping with men, but these reports are still being investigated and so we have removed further comments at this time.

Faye Dickinson

Baga Hassle

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Baga Chipz

After the first incident, Faye details how she moved in with a well-known drag queen: “She ended up staying in London for a while, and then she moved into Baga’s [Chipz] house”, referring to the star of Drag Race UK. Lauren had previously told us that she planned to tell-all about Baga Chipz in her new book, and we think we’re about to find out why…

“Getting some random men, off Tinder and off the street, and leaving the door open and having men come in at 2/3am in the morning for a shag. In the meantime, Baga was filming for Drag Race and then when she came back, she had complaints from everyone. From all the other roommates about her going in their rooms, taking things, so Baga just wanted to get rid of her”.

After moving out of Baga’s flat, Dickinson alleges that Lauren moved into a new place, but was thrown out just a week later for having random men over again.

Regarding the hacking of Lauren’s account, Dickinson alleges that Harries new manager Antonio was the one who deleted all the videos and turned Lauren against them after one of their video captions received backlash. “She’s easily manipulated,” admits Faye who says Lauren’s mind is ‘child-like’.

Faye says she plans to sue Lauren Harries for defamation of character, although Lauren has never outright said it was her or Cambell which believed was drugging them, only who deleted the videos.