This week, a video of two guys dancing on channel 4’s dating show, Flirty Dancing went viral. Now, one of the lads in the video has spoken to us about what happened afterwards between them, and why this proves we’re ready for same-sex dances on mainstream shows.

Speaking to Cocktails & Cocktalk, Gary (pictured) said he “couldn’t quite believe” the response the video had had, “I still haven’t wrapped my head around it all yet!”

He continued, “The feedback has been incredible! I’ve had young LGBTQ+ people message me to say that seeing my dance on TV has given them hope for their future! And I’m thrilled!”

That’s pretty fucking amazing, and if anything demonstrates why representation is important; it helps minorities grow up without feeling like they’re outsiders, that something is wrong with them, or that they don’t belong.

However, sadly him and Ryan haven’t met up since! “We do talk regularly, but we were both so busy that we haven’t been on any more dates”.


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Must have been busy-ass schedules considering the show was filmed in June and the pair live about 20 mins apart.

When asked what he hopes the impact of the dance will bbe, Gary tells us:

“I think that at the moment, there’s so many shows that refuse to have same-sex couples, I hope the attention of the video just proves how far we have come, and that the public are ready and supportive of same-sex couples. It can be just as beautiful as any other dance!”

“I also hope it shows any young people out there who are struggling to come to terms with who they are, that they can love – and dance with – whoever they want!”

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