Now as you probably don’t know… we love gossip! (I know, we’ve kept it a secret for a while!) But especially the stories about the real celebrities behind the visage you see on screens and on magazines.

Last week, Glyn Fussel – director of queer creative Sink The Pink – spoke to us on the Cocktails & Confessions podcast about a number of celebrity encounters he’s had over the years. One, in particular, he recounts, when host Dani St. James asks: “Is there anyone who you wanted to meet, and then when you did, it didn’t -”

Before Fussel interjects, “Pamela Anderson” and starts laughing. “Cunt. Massive cunt.”

“I’d been booked to host a Vivienne Westwood charity dinner,” he told the hosts, before explaining that “she was hosting one table, I was hosting another”. Glyn goes on to explain how he decided to approach the actress when the evening came.

“So no one’s really around, I’m just gonna go and say hey. So I walk over to the table, and I say ‘h-h-h-hi Miss Anderson. I’m hosting too, a table over there, I’m a massive fan of yours, and the girls in the press office said I should come and talk to you. Is it fine if we have a little picture?”

“She stopped, stared at me, and said, ‘What are you?!'”

At which Anthony Gilét and St. James both gasp. As Glyn is known for his effervescent style of dress, it sounds like femmephobia (which, let’s face it, is just a strand of homophobia). Although earlier this year, Anderson posted about first landing in LA during Gay Pride, and even praised the men for wearing wigs and make-up.

“Never apologize for your sexuality,” she wrote on a post over Pride Month.

Glyn continued, “The worst was that her whole table had stopped talking and all stared at me as well. I was mortified. And at that point, she was like ‘Why are you still here?!'”

Wow, that might even top our story about Eva Longoria. Listen to the full episode below, with more outrageous stories from Glyn: