What’s the saying? Better late than never? Or is it better early than sued?

It’s a question that Madonna may be asking herself right now, as her infamous lateness is now the subject of a class-action lawsuit. A Floridan resident, Nate Hollander is officially sick of Madonna’s shit and is seeking a full refund for tickets he purchased to see her in Miami next month.

Hollander filed the case after the Queen of pop’s start time was pushed back to 10.30pm. (Although, as previously reported, with that start time, Madge may waltz on at 11.10pm). The complaint details:

[At] the start of the tour, which kicked off in September, Madonna repeatedly arrived hours late to her shows.

The singer, 61, has a “long history of arriving and starting her concerts late” and to accommodate her tardiness her shows, including the Miami Beach one.

Since starting the lawsuit, many others have joined the class-action too. And after keeping fans waiting for hours, before Madonna strolled into her Vegas concert after midnight, to tell them: “A Queen is never late”, we’re not too surprised!

There’s being a ‘diva’, and then there’s outrightly disrespecting the people who buy your records.

According to News 3LV, over 500 refunds were issued for this show alone! Wow!

However, as Madonna has a reputation for always being late, that prove counter-productive for the plaintiffs.

H/t: Instinct