Safe sex has never been so fashionable, although it’s a shame we have to slap a designer label on the latex to make it desirable. Yves Saint Laurent is the latest fashion house to combine coolness with sexual wellness, (Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander Wang have done similar work in the past).

We can’t wait to see the models wear them on the runway.

Teasing the project, Saint Laurent image director, Anthony Vacarello posted this image to Instagram.

Thankfully they’re are only $2 a pop, as at any more than that and you’d just be spunking your money. Seriously, though, couture condoms have to be the height of millennialism: we can’t afford rent, but gotta have those trendy rubbers. Who is the demographic, hun? Couples that probably don’t use condoms anyway? Or singles that are having frivolous sex and are about to cover them in lube, jizz and poop 10 minutes later?

Perhaps they’d look better in a glass bowl as a centrepiece, as one Twitter used suggested.

And if you thought the concept was already too boujie, YSL also have a condom dispenser out of their store in Paris’ luxury shopping district.