A desperate Instagram user has leaked details of a private chat with disgraced congressman Aaron Schock; in which he discusses coming out, his nude leaks and why everyone hates him.

The conversation, which takes place in IG’s DMs, (aka where all the TEA gets spilt), Edwin Montanez slides into Schock’s to tell him how “disgusted” he is at the abuse that Schock has suffered from the public, and to inform him that he has “nothing but love” for the man who voted against gay marriage.

He dramatically titled the messages “ME AND SCHOCK”; as if it were a scandalous night of passion.

In a second message, Montanez outlines that the gays are upset about his previous policies, especially now he’s a big old homo. Before stating that Schock’s sexuality is nobody else’s business (despite the fact that Schock sat there and voted on the future of other’s sexualities).

Schock then went on to say that he obviously hadn’t come to terms with his sexuality 11 years ago and had planned to come out to his family before the Coachella video leaked. Before going on to play the victim: “The lack of perspective I believe is due to their hatred for me as a Republican”.

No, bitch, we hate you because you voted against progressive rights for your community. And although Schock says he “plans to speak”, he hasn’t done thus far. How can anyone have perspective when they haven’t received an apology or heard his side of the story?

Montanez responded with a load of irrelevant shit about his own family while calling the gays “morons” and “vengeful” for acting out against Schock.

He then tells Schock to “please be yourself, and never feel bad or ashamed of that”. What encouraging words to offer someone who used their political power for right-wing gain. Idiot.

He then adds that Schock has a very “edible ass”. GIRL. WUT.

And then goes on to drag the WeHo gays as “shady” and “backstabbing”, which he is the expert on because he goes to West Hollywood once a year. *eye roll*. Like, obviously WeHo gays are complete bitches, but dragging them in an attempt to bond with Schock is nauseating.

Schock thanks him for the compliment, while Montanez resumes embarrassing himself by telling Schock he’d eat him out like it was his last meal. Then, almost as if he could sense Schock’s disinterest or the conversation coming a close, Montanez begins blurting random gossip tit-bits like some Tourettes-ridden Perez Hilton: THE INTERNET THINKS YOU’RE ON DRUGS. AND GONNA DO PORN.

Schock then blanks his following messages, before Montanez literally begs him to be friends.

And what do buds do? Give your private chats to the media.┬áJust like those nudes that were supposed to be between two people. Clearly, Montanez lives in such a dire state of desperation and glee that Schock even replied, that he hasn’t realised that Schock has no interest in him as a friend – or otherwise.

Honestly not sure who’s embarrassing the community more at this point.