Ryan Phillippe portrayed a new role recently; that wasn’t a cocky rich boy, or an anti-hero with anger issues.

Swapping the uniform of his usual parts as a police officer, or an army officer, or navy officer, Ryan stepped into the sexy garments and character of Julius Ceaser. Perhaps rather randomly on Netflix’s Historical Roasts, which sees comedians (Phillippe has never even done a rom-com) embody characters from the past, while they roast each other.

While¬†Phillippe looked so anciently hot we’d have drawn our sword at any point, his actual roast was more of a character choice. And a ‘choice’ is exactly what it was. Phillippe opted to play Ceaser angry (obvs), who was still hurt by Cleopatra’s betrayal… which would’ve been fine, if it had been funny too.


It demonstrated that even big-time actors get flustered by stand-up comedy. Although, it was a mess, at least he tried, and he still managed to nail his typecast: short-tempered hunk in uniform.