While the initial concept of Hustlers, (a bunch of strippers scamming horny assholes out of their thick wads of cash) may sound like your average Burlesque-on-cocaine black comedy, but it’s actually far more timely to see women who are often belittled and harassed use their positions of sexual power to reclaim their entitlement. And some hefty tips too. Which is a fancy way of saying, “revenge on cis white heterosexual males”.

Seriously, J.Lo is like fucking Robin Hood: rob from the rich, and give to the whores.

And it actually looks quite sick! Cash raining while Jenny from the block slides down a pole, Lili Reinhart being dowsed in champagne, Constance Wu sending a client away on a stretcher before hopping in her shiny new hummer, and with the likes of Lizzo and Cardi B, what looks to be a banging soundtrack.

And just fyi, we need more Lili Reinhart and Keke Palmer in everything.