Internet personality Chris Crocker shot to fame in 2007 when he begged the public to “leave Britney alone!” during her public mental breakdown. But is he following in her footsteps?

In an extremely bizarre tweet, somebody claiming to be a member of Chris’ “team” posted a random AF nonsensical announcement, informing his followers that Chris was checking into a rehab facility.

The tweet itself read: “Chris Crocker has checked into a rehab facility, has exercised race play in his cam show past, & loves you all.”

While the accompanying note made zero literary sense and was littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Is his ‘team’ a bunch of 10-year-olds?

In full, the note said:

“Chris Crocker has turned Instagram into many things. From skits and comedy into expressing his love –

“His eating disorder – his coke addiction… His addiction to coke and sexual role play, while high on drugs.

“Chris is currently checking into a rehab.

“Anyone during this time willing to capitalise or build a name off his addiction – a sick individual, who has admitted to submitting to race play while high off cocaine or serious drugs – which the media will use against his advantage, ultimately,

“And has continually blackmailed him – in many consensual sexual situations with Chris’ webcam clients.

“Chris has always stood for equally.

“Even if he enjoyed sexual kinks, such as race play, while high and drunk: He always made sure it was mutual. All of us on his team will block anyone we feel is an opportunist during his stay at Mental Health Facility provided.”

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One question: Why it gotta be BLACKmail?

A number of replies commented on how it didn’t make sense, but a later tweet confirmed that Chris Crocker Cracker engaged in consensual race play on his cam show, and is now being blackmailed by someone for it. And is also checking into rehab.

Race play is what Urban Dictionary calls “racist chic”, whereby individuals use non-PC, and highly offensive racist language during sex. Obvs not conventional, but it’s also not illegal, so maybe his “team” should contact the police if he’s being blackmailed.

Sounds like he has a lot going on… and we hope he’s on the road to recovery.