We love Sarah Michelle Gellar as much as the next Buffy-obsessed gay man, and she’s BACK. This time for an oddly-matched Dove Superbowl commercial which sees her in stereotypical slasher situations… and we’re all kinds of obsessed.

SMG, who claims she’s been using the products for ‘years’, was drawn to the “humorous and campy creative direction”. Sure, when you stand back and consider their angle, it is humorous – but the clips by themselves? Done better and scarier than most modern horrors.

Olay really tapped into that nostalgia after we watched Gellar get butchered in Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer.


Gellar said in a statement: “I love that they’ve chosen to make a splash at the Super Bowl, directly challenging the male-centric nature of most ads during this time by focusing on women. Women love football and entertaining ads too. I’m so glad to be a part of Olay’s efforts to change the narrative and speak to the hugely underrepresented female NFL fan.”

Oh, and sister knows how to make a statement. Just FYI, this ad is just as much for the gays as it is for women. Now – who’s actually gonna offer this queen a real slasher flick?