From the makers of Spring Breakers comes another hedonistic concoction; this time Matthew McCaughey plays a beach bum who’s life is somehow a 24-hour party, who loves to write on his typewriter when he’s off his nut.

Well, we’ve all done it. (Basically everything you read on this site in the first three years).

And after getting arrested, is then ordered by a judge to write his novel or go to jail. Or something. It’s hard to tell the exact plot through McConaughey’s slurred mumbles and the stoner-penned plot itself. But on the plus-side, McConaughey spends a notable amount of the film in a thong. We thought that was Zac Efron’s gig?

But McConaughey is good company, alongside Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill and Snoop Dogg. Check out the Red Band trailer below – featuring McConaughey’s peach.