Queen of Pop and LGBTQ+ activist and ally Madonna continued to proved that she was all of those things when she turned up at long-standing Stonewall Inn, NY last night for a surprise NYE gig.

In 1969 Stonewall was the site of historic riots which triggered the LGBT+ movements worldwide. Having last month named Madonna as their 50th-anniversary ambassador, Madonna showed just how committed to the cause she was with a powerful speech and live rendition of Like A Prayer.

Speaking of the community Madonna said:

‘I stand here proudly at the place where pride began, the legendary Stonewall Inn, on the birth of a new year. We come together tonight to celebrate 50 years of revolution,’ she told the excited crowd.

‘Let’s never forget the Stonewall Riots and those who stood up and said, “Enough”. Half a century later, Stonewall has become a defining moment and a critical point in history.

‘If we truly took the time to get to know one another we would find that we all bleed the same color and we all need to love and be loved.

‘Let’s remember who and what we are fighting for — ourselves, for each other, but truly and most importantly, what are we fighting for?’

And you can watch most of the performance below: