With the release of an anti-circumcision documentary, this year saw the debate about child circumcision heat up more than ever; many of those who were circumcised as children expressing frustration that they weren’t given the option to choose for themselves.

Aesthetics play a role in both for and against arguments, (depending on what kind of penis you’d prefer to look at), but the argument ‘against’ also puts forward: trauma/pain, lack of sensitivity, and lack of human choice; while the argument ‘for’, is mostly based on religion, tradition, safety (in that uncut dicks are more likely to pass on STIs) and/or the myth of uncleanliness.

We asked 2,674 readers about their circum-status and how they felt about it. 55% of the participants were circumcised compared to the 45% uncut.

Of the cut men, 51% reported that they were unhappy either without their foreskin (25%), or without the ability to decide for themselves if they wanted to keep it (26%).

Out of the uncut men that were asked, 86% said they were happy with their foreskin. While the remaining reported either wishing they’d been cut (9%) or having been circumcised later in life (5%).

The argument against circumcision certainly seems stronger – especially when as adults, every man has the option of being circumcised. What do you think?