The internet is having its next big laugh at porn’s expense; following such classics as Right Infront Of My Salad.

A tweet stating” “y’all wanted porn with a plot”, exposes just another one of porn’s hilarious scenarios. It’s also so far-fetched we imagine the creator would have a flourishing career in sci-fi.

Watch the clip below:

The video sees a busty blonde saying goodbye to a hunky bearded guy while a clean-shaved guy seethes with jealousy while watching them from the bushes. That’s when he has the genius idea to climb in through the window, dress himself up like one of the White Chicks, and dupe the sexy bearded guy into bumping uglies… thankfully the actress in question does actually look like a plastic sex doll, but he soon uncovers ‘her’ bulge.

Sounds a bit too much like this true story, of a guy seducing straight men online.

The funniest responses was this: