The National Enquirer has allegedly exposed Andy Cohen’s Grindr exploits. Although the TV host previously told Ellen that he’s more of a Tinder guy (due to Grindr kicking him off believing it to be a fake profile), he also, more recently, told Attitude: “I still hook up. I mean, a guy’s gotta eat!”

And now the trashy tabloid has stepped in with an interview* with a “much younger guy”. Cohen, whose screen name is Space Man, uses a photo of himself in red speedos for “Only no-strings-attached sex”. The interviewee alleges that the Real Housewives creator wanted nothing more than that. Well, he’s got like 18 shows under his belt, probably just busy, init.

“He wanted no part of kissing or affectionate touching,” he says.

Another source – one of many the Enquirer claim to have spoken to – a ‘Manhattan socialite’ (guaranteed it was a self-proclaimed socialite that has no money but goes out on the scene every weekend), claimed Cohen “lurks around at circuit parties” in NYC. Well, maybe that’s his back-up for when he gets kicked off Grindr.

While another says “He once used his celebrity to woo a young man, then discarded him like trash once he was finished.”

It’s hard to tell whether this reflects the story of a lad that was way into a mature guy who just wanted to fuck or a selfish grown-up with intimacy issues that treats naive boys as disposable. If it’s the latter… that’s pretty scummy.

The same source says he has a “voracious sexual appetite”, which presumably rubbed off on him after hanging around all them circuit parties. Others claim that he’s into younger ginger guys, (I mean, who doesn’t love a redhead?), that he practices safe sex (we’re struggling to see how this is a flaw), and requests his conquests don’t “breathe a word” of their encounter.

Well, that shit clearly didn’t work. Should’ve got these twinks signing non-disclosure forms.

Although Andy Cohen has been NO wallflower when it comes to his sex life, having previously discussed threesomes, and Fire Island frolics.


*This link – and many others – haven’t been working on our end (and even from various devices), and we’re not quite sure why, but it’s believed it’s to do with the UK’s access to certain US websites. So we’ve compiled details of what we can find from other sources

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