New Yorker Sean O’Donnell is enjoying quite the ride lately; at only 22 he’s already winning on Instagram with over a million followers, and has just featured in the film Love, Simon.

His first step into the world of film came in Mama Boy, where he played a guy that got pregnant. Although we think it’s our readers who’ll wanna be knocked up by him, after they see his latest selfie.

O’Donnell not only works as an actor though, he’s also a photographer and a model. Well, with those blue eyes, it’d be a sin to the industry if he wasn’t, eh?

But perhaps with what he’s packing it’s a sin he didn’t go into porn. They could call it, Love, Schlong. But only if they pay us the royalties. See the x-rated snap here.

He originally made a name for himself on Tumblr… so you’d think he’d be aware how good the platform is at unearthing one’s nudes. If you’re not familiar with O’Donnell, check out some more of his smokin’ snaps here: