We’ve seen some questionable gym attire in our time, (from male crop tops on maturer men to JEANS! – Like wtf?) but one guy has definitely pushed the boundaries on what’s acceptable, by strolling around a Fitness First completely naked.

Like, girl, I know we’re in a heat wave, but have some social decorum. Last thing we need is seeing your sweaty scrotum stuck to the cycling seat.

The 34-year old Massachusetts man, who has been identified as Eric Stagno, was arrested after a number of gym-goers reported him. When police arrived, they found him starkers kneeling on a yoga matt… thankfully not in the downward dog position.

Witnesses claim they felt, “sick”, “disgusted” and “unsafe”.

When he was being arrested Stagno quoted Planet Fitness’ slogan, (‘no critics’), claiming he thought it was a “judgement free zone”. Yeah babe, they meant clients don’t body shame one another, not, “Feel free to walk around with your giblets flopping around.”

Jheeze! He was arrested for indecent exposure, and disorderly conduct, and was released on $1000 bail.

Although, we can’t help but wonder, if it was a stud like this working out naked, would people have been as ‘disgusted’?