The Warwick Rowers had their Instagram account suspended on Monday. But thanks to the good people of the internet, backing the great people doing charity, they had their account reinstated.

The rowing club, who have become internationally renowned for their annual calendar which sees the lads strip off to raise funds for Sport Allies, who help combat homophobia in sport, took to Twitter to reveal their social media drama, and after having the story reported on countless mainstream platforms, they got their account back.

YAY! Welcome back guys!

See more of their NSFW moments here.

Can we take a moment to drag Instagram’s censorship, though?

Seriously, unless it’s a cock or a fanny, I really don’t see the issue. Why doesn’t Instagram, just check user’s credentials on their sister site FB to get their age and restrict content for under 18s. Or do that blurry image thing they do in private messages? *EYE ROLL*