Ariana Grande is living her best life at the moment; dominating the charts with a powerful comeback, and newly-engaged. But between the whirlwind decision to marry “casual” boyfriend Pete Davidson, and her recent tweets and comments about his member, she got fans asking, “is she dick-whipped?”

You know you’re in the dicksand when you’re committing your life to someone after just a couple months.

Recently talking about a titular ode to her significant other, on her new album Sweetener, one fan asked… “How long is Pete?”

Adding, “oh, as in the interlude…”

But Ari, never one to shy away from the topic of sex, answered the question as most would perceive it, replying in a since-deleted tweet:

“Like 10 inches? …oh f*ck…i mean…like a lil over a minute.”

Sending Twitter into a meltdown. We’d be curious to know how he fits a 10-inch penis inside a 12-inch woman.

Earlier in the week, an Ariana fan account on Instagram, claims that Davidson has admitted he is addicted to porn, packs 25cm downstairs and something about a guy cruising him at a urinal.

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Ariana then tagged Pete with the angel, and side smirk emojis. We all know what that means. And when he joked about “something filthy”, the pop princess replied:

“h2gkmo i’m in the kitchen,” an abbreviation for Honest To God Knock Me Out; so we’re guessing she’s into being dick-slapped.