NYC is known as the city that never sleeps, and why would you want to when they party like this?

The state was flooded with rainbow flags, inspirational people and love this weekend when over 2 million people celebrated gay Pride. There were engagements, fierce drag queens, celebrities, hot guys and FUN: what more could we want?!

The youth leading the way:

This out, proud and adorable couple:

Google going gay:

And Kylie:

These colourful characters

Politician and actress Cynthia Nixon marching with her partner:

How lit this fire escape got:

Tove Lo bringing it to you:

And this cute couple too:

and this one…

Gaga in rainbow belts:


And, of course, there were hot boys everywhere…

Like, everywhere…

Including Gus Kenworthy:

This socks/heels combo:

Even enemies made friends for the day:

Bianca Del Rio and the Season 10 Drag Race finalists:

How beautiful the city is when its filled with love:

Three dogs and a piglet:

This bruh and his big booty:

Big Freedia taking Y’ALL to school on how to twerk:

This pride train poster:

Even the fireworks were queer:

This beautiful couple from the Fire Department getting engaged: