A new study has penetrated the sexual journeys of 1,000 people; and the results are in. The focus group was compiled of a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds and sexualities.

Most gay men reported experiencing their first ‘sexual awakening’ at just under 14. We’re guessing that’s when you start getting boredom boners in History class, ’cause you’re thinking about Zac and Slater from Saved By The Bell doing it.

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In fact, 62% said it was actor/actress that had ignited their awakening, while 30% said it was the sibling of a friend, and 14% said a teacher. ALL THREE. Like you wouldn’t just fuck anything while going through puberty; even the ugly teachers were starting to look hot after a while.

The average age for losing their virginity was just under 18, (we’re assuming this means anal sex, and not just blowjobs) which was actually later than the other sexuality groups. Well, putting things up your bum is definitely more of a kerfuffle; not like you can just pull your knickers to the side in the alley next to ‘Spoons.

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Bisexuals were first at 16.2 years, and straight people were in the middle at 17.6. I didn’t lose mine until I was 19, and even at that age it was one hella misdemeanor.

What’s interesting with the findings, is how our sexual behaviours are changing with age; the average age for millennials to give it up was 17.4 years old, while Generation Z was 16.2. While it’s not surprising, it does make you think, with 5 year olds have Only Fans account in 2080?

[H/t: Instinct]