We’ve been waiting for a new mini-series to give us a LOL, and as if God had heard our stoned requests, he brought us Fish Tank. A new comedy series coming to the web that centers around two besties living in LA juggling love, life and their careers.

And it stars models of reality show Strut, Arisce Wanzer, Isis King, Laith Ashley and Finding Prince Charming‘s Robert Sepúlveda Jr.

Arisce gets all the boys, but never involved in anything serious (very Carrie B: “in a world where men are disposbale… wait, do I dispose of men?”), while Isis plays a hot-to-trot vlogger navigating the world of dating as a trans woman like Bambi on ice.

Directed by Brandon Smithson.

Note them epic tennis outfits too:


We hope they’re going to release them all at once so we can binge, à la Netflix.