Isn’t that one of the worst dilemmas on the gay scene, when you and your friend both fall for the same guy. Ugh, I’ll scratch a bitches eyes right out just for talking to the man I saw first.

But, it seems the problem isn’t just restricted to us queens! Will and Grace finds themselves at an impasse (that’s French, for ‘cock block’) when they discover they’ve both been boinking the same guy for three WEEKS.

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Listen, we’re not hating, but didn’t they already do this episode? When pastry chef stuck his rolling pin in Karen, and then smashed Will’s dough, before whippin’ up Rosie?

Anyway, it’s WAG, so we’re looking forward to it regardless! And note: 2 Golden Globe nommies!!

(“I’d say Globe was a little generous”).

Check out the trailer below:

[H/t: Instinct]