Since Riverdale started, KJ Apa has racked up quite a following. I mean, we can think of more interesting things to rack up when you find fame, but each to their own.

A recent picture of him in bed with a guy is doing the rounds online, and fans – like Camilla Cabello – have questions. At first look, it seems as though KJ has spent the night with a horny fan, and he’s snapped them together before his throbbing ‘wake up call’.

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But that could just be us writing a little novel…

“WAIT, is he gay?!” writes on user.

“Omg. What does this mean? Is he the big spoon??” pants another.

We are not sure. The images popped up on his friend Boston’s Insta-story (which is the guy he’s napping with). So it could be purely platonic. We’ll leave y’all to dream as gay as you’d like though.